Feedback from our clients

“Ben Carter, the owner and operator of A Dog’s Path, is the best dog trainer we have ever hired. In a short month and a half of working with Ben, our special needs dog made significant behavioral improvements that we never really thought were possible. She no longer exhibits the same high level of dog reactivity, and behaves incredibly well inside our home. Previously, she took two separate medications for her anxiety issues. However, with Ben’s training, she no longer needs pharmaceuticals to keep her calm. She is more relaxed and loving than ever. She behaves well on walks, and responds more to both me and my wife. We completely trust Ben to continue providing her training and development plans. For a week and a half in July, Ben provided dog and house sitting services while we were out of town. During this time, multiple contractors came in and out of our home to make repairs on our roof and ceilings. Under Ben’s excellent training and supervision, our dog behaved perfectly, and our house was well cared for. We will hire no one else to watch our dog and house. We implicitly trust Ben, and are more than grateful for his excellent training and dog sitting services.”

Cullen S.

“We hired Ben to help us train Sophie, our Boston Terrier Puppy, who was having major behavioral issues. Sophie is very stubborn, but quite intelligent. Prior to working with Ben, we had hired another trainer, but Sophie remained in complete control and made very little progress with her issues.  From the moment Sophie met Ben, she totally respected him. In the very first visit, Ben had Sophie lying down consistently on command. Ben has enlightened both me and Sophie, and we are both very happy now. Ben has a natural talent for training with dogs and their owners, and he is extremely pleasant to work with. Ben is not only a great dog trainer, but a great human being. Thanks Ben for everything! You are the best!!!”

Cathy S. 

“Our first time using a dog trainer was awesome! We couldn’t have asked for a better person to help us (and our dog children). The true test was taking the dogs to the vet for their check-ups. Previous visits had included pulling, dragging, and cowering, but this visit amazed us all! The vet actually asked what we were doing differently! The change in their behavior has allowed for super long walks and enjoying two German Shepherds inside our house.”   “Kudos and thanks again, Ben!”

David, Sarah, Guido, and Luigi 

“Ben has been a blessing to my family.  He trains our dog Juneau but more significantly he trains myself, my son and my parents!    Ben really is the Dog Whisperer.  When he enters the room, Juneau immediately goes into training mode and gives Ben utmost respect.  Ben’s training methods are easy, they make sense and Juneau adapts quickly while retaining her new skills.  Practicing outside of the training sessions is a must.   He builds confidence in all of us so we can become true pack leaders.  To see Ben at work with Juneau is impressive.  I am so happy to have him with us in this journey and it is definitely the best decision I have made regarding Juneau’s development.  Thanks Ben for all your guidance and patience with us.”

Susan D. 

“Thank you, Ben! After working with you for a couple of months our dog is much happier! You taught us how to help him work through his separation anxiety and get off all his anti-anxiety medications. We’re now able to leave him home alone for a couple of hours and are confident in the plan to lengthen that amount of time. We couldn’t have done it without you!”

Lisa C. 

“We really appreciate Ben’s effort with our young dog Amelia.  We saw the difference right away as Amelia was more calm and obedient.  Ben also kindly took time for follow-up visits to our home to provide us with training tips.  His fee is extremely reasonable and the results speak for themselves.  Thanks Ben!!

Ben H. and Kim C. 

“We asked Ben Carter to come to our home to help us train our dogs Hannah and Snoopy!  Hannah is an 8 year old Goldendoodle and we believe Snoopy is a 3 year old  Havanese / Poodle mix (as we fostered him a few years ago and decided to adopt him).We are new residents of Sienna Plantation, so not only are our furry friends adjusting to our new home, but also they are learning to live in a new neighborhood as well. When Ben started, he explained to us that training would be an ongoing process and that he was training us as well as our dogs.  We have had four lessons with Ben and already we have noticed a big difference in both Hannah and Snoopy. Luckily, our issues focus mainly on  our dogs “manners” when we have visitors at our home.  In other words,  basic respect and loyalty and following our commands .Ben has given us numerous tips and ideas to help us with our pets. He has tons of patience and stresses the importance of consistency.  We also enjoy his sense of humor during our training sessions. We believe Hannah and Snoopy enjoy our training sessions as well. When Ben is here, they show him full respect with wagging tails and full attention. Thank you Ben!!”

Laurie & Michael M. 

“Ben’s work with our dogs Elwood and Odis on leash pulling and household manners has really improved our relationship with our dogs. We would recommend Ben to anyone who wants to understand their dogs better.”

Pam G. 

“Ben’s training has worked wonders with our four dogs! Before we called Ben, our dog’s behavior was out of control. They would pull us down the street on walks, and run out the front door barking and jumping up on guests coming to visit. The dogs now lie down on the rug and wait to be introduced to guests, instead of crowding the door and knocking them down. Ben has also helped us to correct their leash manners. These days, one of us can walk all four dogs and they walk quietly side by side without pulling or tripping us. Many thanks Ben, for all your time and help.”

Maurya T. 

“We have two cotons aged two and three. We have used three dog trainers during their lives. Ben Carter is without question the best trainer we have had. Ben is a consummate professional. He arrived on time, communicated well with us and was flexible when we needed to reschedule appointments. His eight week session provided us with a strong foundation upon which we will continue to build. From the first session it was obvious that our dogs respected him. He worked patiently with me so I could be firm and loving to Munch and Pip. He emphasized that the dogs’ obedience was for their well being and our own. Ben used gentle training techniques that included treats and fun for the dogs. He listened to our specific concerns and addressed his training to those. Previous trainers have told me that our youngest dog was not trainable. Ben understood that she was smart enough, yet strong willed, and he was able to train her and to teach us to work with her. Thanks to Ben our dogs sit contentedly when visitors come to our house. I have no doubt that as we work more with our dogs they will continue to grow which will make our and their lives better. We have wholeheartedly recommended Ben to friends and will continue to do so. He will remain a part of our lives as we fine tune our relationship with our dogs.”

Gay and Keith R. 

“Being a senior citizen, I was a little overwhelmed by bringing home my new puppy, Sandy. It had been many years since I had a young dog in my home. Ben training lessons with Sandy turned him into a great companion whose company I can enjoy.”

Angie S. 

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