Struggles of an Aging Dog

You have always longed to enjoy your dog’s company, and there’s no wonder he nurtured your feelings like no other. He stayed with you in your thickest days like a mother comforting her child. He played with you, and there were days when you couldn’t have survived if your canine wasn’t with you. 

They are innocent and precious, but their deteriorating health makes you feel helpless too. Your same old pet doesn’t play with you anymore, and the more you think about it, the more you realize is that the health condition might only worsen. While you might observe that your pet’s health has reached the verge of crumbling, there is still one way to cope with it. 

Cognitive Dysfunction – Neurological Conditions

Your dog has stopped responding to you and does not likes any of his favorite activities like before. The training sessions you gave him in his earlier years are no longer of interest to him, and what not! If you haven’t figured already, your dog suffers from cognitive dysfunctions, and you had no clue about it!

Anyhow, you might want to take him to his vet because if not treated on time, your dog may suffer from severe repercussions. Alzheimer’s and dementia are common neurological conditions in aging dogs, and you may surely don’t want to take your dog there.


Whether it is separation anxiety or your canine feels anxious for any reason – aging invigorates negative feelings in a dog. The pain, the struggles, and the shifts in their behavior keep them disturbed through and through, and they only grow weak every day. Anyhow, you might train him if you want. Perhaps, you’ll find him in a healthier state.

Medical Condition

Aging dogs suffer from several medical conditions. From pain in joints to kidney failure, heart diseases, or whatnot! The list has no end, and you should only ensure your dog doesn’t suffer alone. You may keep him company if you find him howling in pain. If not anything, your presence might lessen the odds for him.

Sleep Deprivation

The pain your dog feels keeps him sleep-deprived. You may even find him lying awake, screaming in trauma, or wandering in the house because of the agony. Precisely, depression, anxiety, or struggles with any medical condition are reasons for his sleep deprivation. You might want to go for a veterinary appointment, and perhaps the results may work in your favor. 

Bottom Line

Now that you are not oblivious of the struggles senior dogs face, ensure your canine doesn’t struggle alone. You may bring your dog under the shelter of expert trainers and have yourself catch a few breaths of relief. If not anyone, how about you look in through our services

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