Small Dogs Need Training Too

By Ben Carter

If you are the owner of a small or toy breed dog you know how adorably, cuddly, scrumptiously CUTE they can be! They are so small and cute, that we may want to treat them more like a precious little baby instead of a dog. Unfortunately, in some cases, some small dogs may take advantage of their owners good intentions.

Even small dogs need to learn some basic manners. Think of basic manners as giving your dog a job to do; this helps them to feel more secure and develop respect for you. Here are a couple of habits/behaviors a lot of small dog owners allow that may cause problems:

  • Carrying your dog too much:

If you rarely allow your small dog out of your arms because you worry they won’t be safe, they may not learn how to socialize properly. Being up in your arms is necessary at times for safety, but if you let your dog spend too much time being carried, they can become insecure and/or possessive of you. Set up situations where your dog can be with another calm dog or person and let them build confidence in being down on the ground. If your dog is already to a point where they growl and snap at people or dogs approaching you, you need to work with a trainer to correct this problem.

  • Nervous Dog:

If your dog tends to be nervous or shy, it is important that you do not pet or talk to them soothingly while they are in this state of mind. Although this type of caring works well with human children, for our dog children it will just reinforce and escalate their nervous behavior. Training can be a good way to build their confidence.

Dogs can be our cuddly little babies at times, but they have to earn it! Teaching your small dog some basic manners will really help them to feel more secure. Remember, dogs need to know who is in charge and they are most comfortable following your lead.

A Dogs Path offers basic to advanced dog training and behavioral modification. If you have a small dog needs some help with or behavioral issues, we can help you. We specialize in in-home training in parts of Bucks and Montgomery County. Please visit our website for a list of areas we cover at or call Ben at 267-410-5513 to schedule a free evaluation.

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