Here’s what you need to know about your dog’s behavior

Coming home after a tiring day at work, getting off from a stressful phone call, feeling low due to a hectic schedule, and then watching your four-legged furball come running to you to hug you. Isn’t that the best feeling ever? Pet dogs are great companions, and they can lift one’s mood no matter how bad their day is going or how tough their life is. Canines hold power to make their owners smile in even the most challenging situation. 

While living with these furballs might seem fun, there is a lot that people need to understand about these loyal pets. It is very important to know what one is getting into before they take up this huge responsibility upon their shoulders of becoming pet parents. 

Understanding a dog’s behavior may not seem difficult to understand, but there are a few things that a pet owner needs to know. 

The Relation Between Heritage & Behavior

Many dog parents think understanding dog behavior is not that big of a deal. At the same time, these individuals sometimes confuse their normal behavior as worrisome, and usual behavior as normal. It can create some issues for the dog as well as the dog parent. 

Every dog owner must understand that some behaviors are innate in canines, and they act according to their nature. Heritage plays a critical role in this case. Decades ago, different dog breeds were trained to accomplish a specific set of tasks, which led t the development of certain types of behaviors within dogs. These behaviors then became a part of a dog’s behavior. 

When you plan to adopt a furball, make sure you do some research about their heritage and behaviors. It will help you understand whether a do react in a particular manner is just your dog being a dog, or is it something to worry about. 

Understanding the Degrees of Misbehavior

Often many dog parents struggle to assess the degree of misbehavior among their dogs. To help you and other dog lovers better manage a canines’ behavior, let’s discuss the different degrees of misbehaviors. 

Annoying Yet Normal Behaviors

Living with a pet dog is fun and exciting, but some of their habits can be pretty annoying. Chewing while teething, barking at unusual times of the day, digging holes in the flower beds, or chasing bikes, these are some behaviors that can test the patience of a dog owner, but most of these issues are usually normal. 

If your canine friend is barking to grab your attention, ignore them until they stop. Once they are quiet, reward them with a treat. How simple can things be, right? Digging the flower beds? Maybe your four-legged buddy is bored or just wants to add physical activity. Try to exercise your dog by taking them out on a run, playing frisbee, and even take your dog to socialize with other dogs in the park. 

Unusual Behaviors that are Not Concerning

The next category is that of behaviors that might put you on alert, but it is not something too concerning. Every dog marks their territory by urinating at a spot; they might do the same at your place, maybe on your bed or your couch. Will it might seem like unusual behavior, it really is not. It is just a dog, being a dog.  

All you can do here is go with the flow because you cannot change the nature of a dog. Also, part of being a dog owner means cleaning up the mess, right? Nothing too surprising there.

Pathologic Behavior, the Red Flags

Some behaviors that you might think are normal are usually not. These are forms of disorders, medical issues, genetic predispositions, or just results of insufficient early socializing. These behaviors usually revolve around aggressiveness, which can only be handled by professionals. 

It is imperative for dog owners to thoroughly research about different types of dog behaviors. It allows them to effectively manage their furry buddies and decided whether they need to bring in a professional in the picture or not!


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