Here’s what you can do about your dog’s aggression

Angry growling, impulsive biting, continuous barking, snapping, the tantrums dog parents have to deal with. Has this turned into a daily routine? It is time that you get alert as these are signs that your dog is developing aggressive behavior. An aggressive dog can lead to disastrous results. The change of attitude can make it difficult for your friends or family members to visit you because when your furball turns into a ball of aggressiveness, things can really get out of hand. 

When your dog starts acting up, it is time to take action, that too immediately, before the situation slips through your fingers. 

Assessing the Type of Aggression

There are different causes of aggression among dogs. Many of our four-legged buddies show signs of such behavior when they see unfamiliar faces. It can be a major trigger for them and might create a difficult situation for you. 

To effectively tackle this situation, start by analyzing exactly what kind of people does your furry buddy aggressively reacts to. You need to ask yourself a set of questions that will help you draft a plan to solve your dog’s behavior issues. Try observing whether a specific gender makes your dog react this way, or is it people in uniforms. 

In these cases, lead training, positive reinforcement training, and gradual desensitization are the best techniques to deal with such aggressive behavior. 

Keep the Vet in the Loop 

A dog’s aggressive behavior can be due to multiple reasons such as when they feel threatened, want to establish dominance, or if they re frustrated due to confinement to a particular space for too long. There is another reason which many dog owners might overlook, and that is medical issues. 

None of us want to accept that our furballs have fallen sick as it is a very scary situation, but ruling out the possibility completely is not a wise move. If your dog’s behavior is turning too aggressive, before trying any training procedures, make sure that they are not dealing with pain-elicited aggression. 

Hire a Professional 

While we all love our dogs, there are times when it becomes challenging to handle them, especially when dealing with aggressive behavior. The best option, in this case, is to hire professional help. Your dog loves you unconditionally, but during this phase, they might begin to hurt you. The safest option is to let the professionals handle your four-legged buddies until their behavior normalizes. 

The pet behavior professionals that you can reach out to include trainers, certified professional dog trainers (CPDTs), certified applied animal behaviorists (CAABs), applied animal behaviorists, and associate certified applied animal behaviorists (ACAABs). 

To know which professional you need, you can make a simple Google search, and you will have all your queries answered!

Avoid Punishing Your Canines

A very common practice among dog parents is to punish their pets after they behave badly. While it may seem like a smart move, it really is not. Punishing your dog just makes the situation worse, especially if their aggression is due to fear. 

Punishing, raising your voice, and hitting can trigger their aggression. Be considerate when your fur buddy is not at their best behavior, and things will eventually fall into place. 

There is a multitude of reasons why your dog may be behaving aggressively. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you stay calm. When your furballs see your panicking or freaking out, it will just add to their anxiety. 

Bottom Line!

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